Scott E Hughes
Scott E Hughes

 Apex ---> Mystery
 > The Universal Spirit
 > Providence
 > Bed of consciousness
 >> Community of beings
 >>> My being
 >>>> My witness
 >>>> My soul
 >>>>> My oversouls
 >>>>> My divinity
 >>>>> My incarnations
 >>>>>> My current incarnation
 >>>>>>> My spirit
 >>>>>>> My psyche
 >>>>>>>> My fate
 >>>>>>>> My presence
 >>>>>>>>> My world
 >>>>>>>>>> My transworld
 >>>>>>>>>> My quantum world
 >>>>>>>>>> My upper world
 >>>>>>>>>> My twilight world
 >>>>>>>>>> My underworld
 >>>>>>>>> My character
 >>>>>>>>> My reputation
 >>>>>>>> My mind
 >>>>>>>>> My personality
 >>>>>>>>>> My self
 >>>>>>>>>>> My egos
 >>>>>>>>>>> My ideas
 >>>>>>>>>>>> My identity
 >>>>>>>>>>>> My thoughts
 >>>>>>>>>>>>> My individuality
 >>>>>>>>>>>>> My collectivity
 >>>>>>>>>>>>> My relationships
 >>>>>>>>>>> My consciousness
 >>>>>>>>>> My shadow
 >>>>>>>>> My potential
 >>>>>>> My legacy
 >>>>>> My other incarnations
 >> Sea of ideas
 >> Omniverse
 >> Fantasy land
 >> Dream land
 >> Spirit land
 >> Myth land
 >> The Ages

Idea Pyramid

A Pyramid of Ideas

Scott E Hughes

Scott E Hughes


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Blog (not being actively updated)

In 2001 we created this short film to explain the concept of IdeaPyramid:


My book Inner Light: Your Fantasies and Dreams
is available from This book presents
a perspective on dreams and fantasies
but not on the subject of Idea Pyramid.
Since 1993 when I first published this book many of my ideas have shifted.
I began to realize that fantasies were much more like a house of mirrors
and can be very difficult to work with.

Inner Light: Your Fantasies and Dreams